We have seen it all inspection hundreds of homes in Southeastern Connecticut. Here is a list of the 10 most common problems we come across.

1. Faulty wiring—junction boxes not being able to shut properly, having the wrong amperage.

  • The Fix: Fix the junction box and upgrade to at least 100 amps. Call an electrician for this job so you don’t hurt yourself.

2. Poor grading and drainage—Soft soil around the foundation, gutters not working properly or leaks in the basement.

  • The Fix: Consult a landscaping company to see what they suggest,

3. Faulty gutters—clogged or bent gutters, water not channeled away from house.

  • The fix a professional gutter contractor can check the drainage for you and make sure your gutters are set up to flow the water away from the house.

4. Basement dampness—water cracks, residue, mold or mildew.

5. Roof problems—weak or curled shingles; broken and missing shingles and flashings

6. Foundation flaws—cracks in foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors or windows.

  • The fix: Fill cracks with silicone caulking; apply waterproof coating to exterior.

7. Poor upkeep—needs repainting, worn carpeting, cracked driveway.

8. Faulty plumbing—not enough water pressure, leaking pipes, sinks drip water and more

  • The fix: Reseat toilet with new wax ring, repair leaks and check water pressure.

9. Poor ventilation—extreme heat in attic, vapor condensation.

10. Defective heating—cracks in the water tank; carbon monoxide leaks.

  • The fix: Reseal chimney flues; replace sacrificial anode in water heater. If you don’t know what we just said your better off hiring a professional HVAC contractor.
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