Rid Your Yard Of Debris

Having debris near your home welcomes pests like termites. High winds often take down trees branches and limbs after a thunderstorm or strong wind event. If you don’t remove the branches from your yard, especially those that fall near your home’s foundation, your house can become a prime target for termites once they nest in the wood.

Use Mulch Effectively

Having a beautiful landscape is a great addition to a beautiful home, but you need to be conscious to prevent termites in your home if you are using mulch. Mulch is an attractive food source for termites because it is comprised mostly of wood bits. You don’t have to completely remove mulch from your landscape, but you can reduce the use of it around walls that are in direct contact with your home. Also, consider changing the type of landscape around your home. Rubber mulch or rocks used in place of wood mulch can also help prevent termites in your home.

Lumber and Firewood Storage

Termites love wood, so having a pile of firewood near your home is a perfect invitation for them to invade and spread. Keeping your firewood pile elevated off the ground also helps to discourage termites from nesting there.

Be Proactive With Guarding Entryways

Understanding the likely places of entry is one of the most important tips to prevent termites in your home. Perform a careful inspection of your home to look for any cracks or holes. Fill them as soon as possible and monitor the surrounding areas of your home frequently.

Prevent Termites in Your Home with an Inspection

Even if you think you’re doing everything right in regards to termite control, sometimes you need the help of a professional. Hiring a home inspection company to perform a termite inspection can help you learn the most effective ways to prevent termites in your home, or identify an already existing termite infestation. Every home is different, so even though the above tips are a good starting point, there may be measures you can take that apply to your unique situation.

Anchor Home Inspections provides wood-destroying insect/termite inspections to Rhode Island and Connecticut. Contact us to schedule this or any of our other home inspection services.

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