Part of homeownership is maintaining and making upgrades to your living spaces. Whether you’re trying to sell your house or planning to stay around to enjoy it, projects that add value to your home are worth the investment. Here is a list of improvements that help increase your property value.

Take Care of Basic Maintenance to Add Value

Before you start a new project at home, focus on areas that may need maintenance. Ongoing maintenance issues bring the property value down. If you’re making home improvements to sell your home, be aware that homebuyers typically avoid homes with maintenance issues. Repairs you need to complete first are:

  • Fixing plumbing leaks
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Drying out a damp basement
  • Repairing roof leaks
  • Painting the exterior
  • Replacing or repairing siding
  • Exterminating pests/ rodents
  • Upgrading wiring and electrical outlets

Add Value to Your Home With More Open Spaces

Open living areas are really popular in homes and can provide a big increase in value. For an older home, this brings it more up-to-date with today’s popular open floor plans. Consider removing walls that aren’t load bearing or replace load-bearing walls with columns to provide support. This will add a lot of open space and make it more appealing to buyers.

Create Additional Living Areas

Increase the value of your home by creating more living spaces. Finish the basement or attic to increase your square footage. This is also more cost effective then having to build an addition. Adding outdoor living space is also very popular these days.

Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are much more efficient these days then in the past. Replacing an old shower head reduces your water usage. Replace your bathroom fixtures to conserve water, save on your utility bill, update the space, and add property value.

Refresh Your Kitchen to Add Value to Your Home

Kitchen remodeling adds value to your home. Think about painting the walls a neutral color, adding a backsplash, upgrading cabinet hardware, replacing outdated light fixtures, and adding under cabinet lighting. Increase storage space by adding a pantry.

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