Mold- this is not a word anyone likes to hear especially when it is found in your home as it can be a legitimate concern. So the big decision is: do we test for mold or not test for mold? If you have breathing or health related issues, checking the quality of the air in your future home is worth every penny.

Why Test for Mold?

It is recommended to test for mold if moisture has been an issue in your home, or your future home. Signals to look for when considering a mold test are musty smells or visual signs of stains. Also if you are expecting, or have a new baby, then you might want to consider testing for mold.

High mold levels can effect the air quality in your home. When there are air quality concerns in your home that means that you are not able to breathe easy. Mold can be destructive to materials in damp environments. It can also grow on fabric, carpeting, walls and grout.

Mold spores are literally everywhere, and that is for the most part alright. Every home will have some natural level of mold spores, however, a general rule is that there should not be 10x greater than the mold levels directly outside the home. Currently, the EPA does not require testing for mold in the home.

Plan Ahead: It Takes Time

It should be noted that the results for air quality testing in regards to mold will take some time to get back. This is something you need to consider as this can effect how long you have to complete your inspection. It is not something that comes back in 24hrs. So be diligent and plan ahead. Mold results can take a minimum of 3 business days to be returned, and that is the best case scenario from the fast labs.

Elevated Mold Levels: What to Do

Elevated mold levels usually mean that remediation is needed in your home

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