The belief that a new home is flawless, simply because it is new and was approved by the building department, is not true. We often hear of new cars recalled by the manufacturer. As for new construction, anyone who has worked in construction knows contractors and tradespeople are prone to occasional or not-so-occasional errors and oversights. Having inspected many new homes, I have yet to find one that is totally free of of minor defects, nor have I met any qualified home inspector who has discovered a perfectly built building, regardless of the quality of construction or the integrity of the builder.

Even when your contractor gives you a warranty for the work performed these assurances are of no no use unless the defects are found. Unfortunately, many construction errors and safety violations do not rear their head for years. A bad or old wiring might not be discovered until it sets your television on fire. Other defects will be found when a home inspector searched the property long after your warranty has expired.

The list improvements that need to made on new construction homes can be long and include such items as broken roof tiles, over-spanned roof rafters, not enough attic insulation, faulty fireplace construction, hazardous electrical wiring, too much water pressure, fire safety violations, furnace improperly vented, etc., etc.

Many new homes are purchased without a home inspection because they are presumed to be exempt from errors in construction. Considering the high price of a new home, assumptions about the quality of workmanship can be financially devastating. The best advice when buying any home is do not take anything for granted. The cost of an inspection is incidental when compared to the price of real estate. A qualified home inspector will most assuredly find items that need repair, even in an immaculate new home. Better to discover them now than after the close of escrow.

Anchor Home Inspection is always available by phone to answer questions regarding your new construction home or any home. If you would like to consult with a professional about the wiring or structure of your home, call Anchor Home Inspection now to schedule a home inspection today.

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