Alot of items in your house require consistant maintenance and repairs. We tend to forget about the things that are functioning properly. We hate spending money on things until you have too! If your AC is working why should you have it tuned up?

The vent from your dryer can contain a lot of lint. The moisture in the vent causes the lint to stick to the sides. If left unchecked this could lead to your dryer overheating and catching on fire. If you recently installed a new dryer hopefully you changed the dryer vent as well because if not you could have built up lint.

However, you can prevent dryer fires. You can probably call your local appliance company who can come out anc clean your flue or you could go to your local home improvement store and pick up a kit. The amount of times you have to clean your flu will depend on several things: How you do laundry, how the vent is, how wide the vent is and where you live, believe it or not the moisture in the air can affect your vent as well.

If your dryer is running forever and still not drying your clothes check your vent. Chances are it needs to be cleaned. You’ll be surprised how much lint is in there when you take it apart. Once you have cleaned your vent your dryer will work more efficiently, dry your clothes faster and save on your electricity bill!

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