It can be common for some sellers – usually those who are working without an agent – want to sell their home “as is.” There could be lots of reasons why a seller might want to do this. It could be because they don’t want to invest money into fixing up the home. They also might not want to take on any potential liability for defects. Now there is nothing wrong with buying a home “as is,” especially if you can buy it at a favorable price. If you are considering buying a home “as is”, you still want to hire a competent home inspector, like Anchor Home Inspection, to perform an inspection. 

You don’t know what “as is” means.

It is easy to walk through the home but you can only get an idea of its general condition. While this isn’t a bad or useless task, because you may even spot some defects or items that are obviously in need of repair. But by only doing this, you won’t be able to obtain the same detailed information you would receive from hiring a home inspector from Anchor Home Inspection. Here at Anchor Home Inspection we are trained to look for things you are most likely will not notice. We know to check the roof, exterior, interior, foundation, basement, fireplace, attic, insulation, ventilation, doors, windows, heating system, cooling system, plumbing system, and electrical system for certain defects. Being armed with a home inspector’s detailed report, means that you will have a better idea of what “as is” means regarding that home. This will put you in a better position to know whether you want to buy the house or not. This can give you an idea on if you need will need to put in work on the house, or if it is worth the trouble. You may also be able to use information from the home inspection to negotiate a lower price.

Second, although the seller may be required to disclosure the condition of the property, a home inspection arms you with third-party, unbiased information.

Many states will require the seller to provide a written a disclosure about the condition of the property. Sellers will often provide little information, and could even lie. Having a home inspection done can provide you with the missing information. If we find evidence that a seller concealed information or lied to you, that could be a sign that you don’t want to buy a home from that seller.

Finally, if you buy a home “as is” without hiring Anchor Home Inspection and then later discover a defect, all is not lost.

A home inspector might be able to review the seller’s disclosure. They could testify as to what the seller knew or should have known about the home they were selling. We may be able to find evidence that the seller made misrepresentations about the house or concealed relevant information from you. The seller of an “as is” home can still be held liable for misrepresentation or concealment. Now it isn’t a 100% guarantee that this will happen but it is a possibility. 

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