How Long Do Home Appliances Last?

Home appliances offer convenience and comfort to our everyday home lives. Many people don’t think about how long their appliances will last until something goes wrong. By learning about average home appliance lifespans, you can budget for a replacement when it’s needed.

A lot of things can go into how long an appliance will last:

  • Daily useage
  • Quality of product
  • The frequency of maintenance and repair services
  • Compliance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Accidents that impact appliances

How Long Do Appliances Last?

Increase Your Appliance Lifespans With Maintenance and Repair Services

Homeowners want their appliance to last long should follow these common tips:

  • Do not throw your manuals away, store them somewhere you can access!
  • Follow manufacturer’s directions
  • Obtain regular product maintenance and repair services
  • Protect valuable household appliances during natural disasters
  • Don’t overload them. It puts too much stress on the machine

Kitchen Appliances

Typically, most appliances last a long time. Dishwashers get about 9 years of use. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations by caring and cleaning, for your garbage disposal unit, it could last you up to 12 years. Large refrigerators last about 13 years, while smaller models last around 9 years. Most freezers have an 11 year product life expectancy. A gas range averages 15 years of use, while an electric range averages about 13 years. Most oven hoods last approximately 14 years.

Laundry Room Appliances and HVAC Equipment

Laundry room appliances and kitchen home appliances have similar lifespans. A typical washing machine lasts about a decade. Dryers last just a little bit longer.

Heating and cooling appliances typically last longer than most other appliances. Water heaters’ lifespans vary from 10 years for a large tank to 20 or more years for a newer electric tankless unit. Gas can usually last an impressive 21 years, on average. A standalone air conditioner will continue cooling a room for around 10 years, and central air conditioning units typically work for about 15 years. Furnaces last between 15 and 20 years. Newer residential thermostats typically last 35 years.

The Bottom Line

Manufacturer’s product warranties are all very different depending on the manufacturer. Make sure you are regularly maintain your appliances to make sure you are getting as much life out of them as possible.

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