The spring home-buying season is here and that means people are busy fixing up their homes ready to sell. These days,alot of  home upgrades are focusing on one popular feature: connectivity. In 2019, buyers desire smart homes they can control from anywhere. These options include: smart HVAC and sprinkler systems to connected garage door openers, it’s all about convenience and comfort.

Security Connected

Security systems have been around a long time, but the technology behind them is changing rapidly. Home security companies now offer fully connected systems that allow the occupants to protect and monitor their homes from there phone wherever they are. Whether it’s ring or another service,  integrated security systems offer peace of mind and convenience. Having the systems in place can be a big selling point for buyers who want to make sure their new home is as safe as possible, given they’ll only have to set up a new account upon move-in.

Garage Doors

Forget the garage door opener,  thanks to technology, you can now open your  garage door remotely for delivery people, a housekeeper or for your child coming home from school from your phone. Considering your garage is one of the most traveled points in your home, this functionality is a great security feature and proves that garages offer more than just storage space. With the right connectivity tools and features, they can provide convenience that will be a selling point to future owners.

Save Energy, Increase Comfort

Smart thermostats can increase the value of your home and make you more comfortable. Smart thermostats let you easily control the temperature in your home from any connected device. You can set a daily schedule for your heater, adjust the temperature in individual rooms or let the system program itself based on your usage history. For energy-conscious buyers, this kind of technology provides a way of living that’s as aspirational as it is attainable. Imagine being able to leave for vacation and schedule your thermostat to be at 60 degrees but set it to turn back up to 70 Degrees for when your flight lands.

Lighting the Way

Smart lighting has become more advanced. Programmable lighting gives you the opportunity to schedule when your lights will turn on and off  remotely or change the lighting to improve how your house looks or feels. With a smart lighting system, you’ll never have to get out of bed to turn the lights off downstairs, and you can always come home to a fully lit house, boosting your sense of security. 

New, smart products and apps hit the market every day. For homeowners savvy enough to incorporate this new technology into their homes, they’ll not only be more connected, but they’ll likely see more offers more engagement because of how technologically advanced their home is. 

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