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Ryan Hartman, Connecticut licensed home inspector and nationally certified Radon Measurement Specialist, is the owner and operator of Anchor Home Inspection, LLC. Ryan is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he built, operated, and inspected submarines for over 25 years. Ryan’s job in the Navy had to be approached with unyielding care and diligence, as it was his responsibility to make sure that the submarines and their crews remained safe in consistently extreme and volatile conditions. The importance of water-tight integrity and efficient mechanical operation can’t be stressed enough when it comes to submarines—and the same can be said for our homes. Now working as a professional home inspector, Ryan commits himself to making sure that aspiring homeowners are completely knowledgeable about any defective or dysfunctional components that could impact the overall quality of their prospective home.

Working With You Is What Makes It Special

People deserve good homes, period. That’s the number one reason that Ryan decided to enter the home inspection industry once he moved on from the military. A bad home inspection can lead to all sorts of struggles for a new homeowner, and there’s simply no reason for it.


Ryan performs his home inspections with complete integrity, taking his time to make sure that you receive a thorough and honest evaluation that will illuminate any potential problems—helping to keep you out of financial trouble and moving in the direction of a safe investment… and more importantly, a safe home. To ensure that you learn as much as possible about your prospective home, Ryan invites all of his clients to not only attend their inspection and follow along as he points out each and every pertinent detail affecting the property’s condition, but also to ask questions along the way.

Service Member Relocation Specialist

As a veteran, Ryan understands how challenging it can be to secure a permanent living space that’s right for your family after so many years of being enlisted and on the move. Whether or not you qualify for a VA loan, Ryan can help you make sure that a particular home will satisfy your needs without breaking the bank in terms of repairs and improvements. Ryan will thoroughly educate you on the condition of the property so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will soon have the safety and comfort they deserve.

When he’s not performing home inspections, Ryan enjoys spending time with his family—whether it’s practicing baseball with his son, watching his daughter perform, or simply sharing a relaxing evening with his wife.

Providing Professional and Reliable Service

Everyone knows that honesty is integral to providing a professional and reliable service, and here at Anchor Home Inspection, LLC, we can assure you that our comprehensive home inspections will reveal the home’s true condition. Contact us today to request an inspection.

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