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Anchor Home Inspection, LLC offers Water Testing in CT. Drinking water may contain several contaminants, some of which are hazardous, and some are not. Public water supplies are tested by the utility, and must meet stringent EPA standards. Nevertheless, even when the public water supply is safe, problems can originate in the distribution system. For more detailed information, please be sure to visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website: http://water.epa.gov

Water Testing

Water quality is a topic that raises perplexity and varied thoughts among people. Many believe that water from municipal tanks is contaminated and unsafe for consumption. However, it may surprise them to learn that most of us actually receive safe drinking water from the municipal system. Nevertheless, depending on the water body’s location, periodic water testing is recommended.

For example, well water should undergo occasional testing for coliform bacteria, while water in agricultural areas requires intermittent testing for nitrate compounds. Properties older than 30 years should also have their water quality tested. The presence of lead solder in plumbing pipes may contribute to increased lead levels in the water. Ensuring water quality is essential for our well-being.

To meet the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) requirements, water tests for bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, and lead are necessary. Regular water quality testing guarantees the safety of our water supply and protects our health.


Other reasons a water test may be warranted:

  • The lender may request a water test as part of the loan approval process.
  • If your well is located downstream from a septic system, a water test becomes necessary.
  • Usage of lawn fertilizers, salt, or de-icers near the well could warrant a water test.

Yearly testing may be advisable in certain situations:

  • If there are pregnant or nursing household members.
  • In case of unexplained illnesses within the family.
  • Whenever there is any change in taste, odor, color, or clarity of the water.
  • If a neighbor tests positive for contaminants in their water.
  • When chemicals, pesticides, or fuels are dumped into or near the well.
  • After any part of the plumbing system has been replaced or repaired.

What do we do for our clients?

At Anchor Home Inspection, we provide water testing services to assess the presence of coliform bacteria and the levels of lead, nitrites, and nitrates in your consumable water. To collect water samples, we use uniquely designed containers, gathering them from the nearest entry points like the bathroom tap or kitchen sink. Each water test requires a specific sampling method, and our experts meticulously follow the guidelines to ensure accurate test results are obtained. With our comprehensive water testing services, you can rest assured knowing that the quality of your water is thoroughly examined and safeguarded.

What do we do for our clients?

Anchor Home Inspection offers water testing services to check the presence of coliform bacteria in the consumable water, and extended levels of lead, nitrites, and nitrates. Uniquely designed containers are used to collect water samples from the nearest entry point such as the bathroom tap or the kitchen sink. Different water tests require different sampling methods and specific guidelines need to be followed based on which the test results are prepared.

What Tests Should I Have Done?

Water, a vital life-saving resource, can also become a potential threat if contaminated with elements that lead to various diseases and health issues. To ensure water safety, water testing is a complex process best handled by experts to obtain reliable results. It is highly recommended to involve professionals rather than attempting it yourself for utmost accuracy. However, there are certain tests that can be performed using water testing kits available in the market if desired.

During water testing, common elements to check for include the presence of contaminants like microbes and the pH level to determine water nature. Additional factors such as oxygen levels, nitric compounds, salts, and more can also be assessed through water testing.

Some of the elements commonly tested are:

  • Temperature Testing
  • pH Testing
  • Chloride Testing
  • Salinity Testing
  • Dissolved Oxygen Testing
  • Nitrate and Phosphates
  • Pesticides
  • Redox
  • Electrical Conductivity


Water tests are reliable when done by reputable laboratories as they have the means to thoroughly examine the water being pumped into your house. However, you can also do water testing at home to check for the basic elements using the water testing kits available in the market.
A standard water test is the basic level testing of water for the presence of coliform bacteria, salts, nitrites, nitrates, sulphates salinity, pH, any other dissolved minerals, and the hardness of the water. It is to examine whether the water is safe for consumption.

We also offer several additional home inspection services:

Radon contamination poses a significant concern for homes in Connecticut. Our test employs advanced instruments capable of detecting this odorless and invisible radioactive gas. Radon is a leading cause of lung cancer and has been associated with various other health issues. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct a radon test before finalizing a home purchase. In the event that dangerous radon levels are detected, we will provide recommendations for mitigation measures.

Prior to making a home investment, it’s prudent to ensure that there is no wood-destroying insect or termite damage, as this could lead to unexpected and significant costs. Our inspection thoroughly examines the home’s interior and exterior structure, checking for any existing termite damage and signs of active termite nesting inside the property.

Our service offers comprehensive testing of your home’s water supply to identify any potential contamination that may render the water unsafe for drinking or other uses. We conduct tests for various factors, including pH balance, water hardness, radon, heavy metal contaminants, and more.

With this service, we conduct a one-hour flow test on the property’s well pump. By measuring readings at 10-minute intervals, we can assess the well’s ability to provide an adequate water supply for the entire household. Additionally, a pressure test will be performed to ensure thorough evaluation.

Failing to have your home professionally inspected before listing it on the market can significantly impact your ability to maximize your investment return. Our inspection service entails a thorough examination of your home prior to listing. This proactive approach allows any issues to be addressed well in advance of a buyer’s inspection, establishing a foundation for open and productive communication with potential buyers from the outset of negotiations.

This inspection aims to instill confidence in new homeowners regarding the quality of their investment before the moving-in process begins. Prior to the builder’s final walkthrough, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the home’s condition, promptly informing you of any issues we encounter. This ensures that necessary repairs can be arranged with the contractors, ensuring a smooth transition into your new home.

Discovering a defective component during our property inspection can be disappointing when it doesn’t meet your expectations of the home. To offer you peace of mind and confidence, we provide Re-Inspections. Once the seller has addressed the defects, we return to conduct an additional assessment, specifically focusing on the previously identified defective component. Our goal is to ensure that any safety concerns have been resolved and that everything is now in proper working order.

Exposure to toxic mold can have devastating consequences, leading to long-term neurological issues, sickness, respiratory problems, fatigue, eye irritation, skin rashes, headaches, memory problems, mood swings, nosebleeds, body aches, joint pain, fevers, and allergies.

At Anchor Home Inspection, LLC, we offer mold testing services that provide you with valuable information about the type and concentration of toxic mold present in your environment.

At Anchor Home Inspection, LLC, we rely on our core values in order to provide our clients with consistently superior home inspection services.

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