Improve Curb Appeal Before Selling Your House

The aesthetics of your home’s exterior affect potential buyers. Curb appeal will either spark the buyer’s interest or discourage them from viewing the property. Improve curb appeal before selling by following these easy steps.

1. Bring Your Lawn Back To Health

Maintaining a healthy lawn takes time and energy, but it makes a statement about how you care for the whole property. It may only take a month rejuvenate your lawn depending on the season. Water and fertilize the new grass properly and you’ll have a healthy lawn with better curb appeal.

2. Replace Exterior Fixtures

Many homes have outdated outdoor lights, faucets and door knobs that need to be update. Updating these features modernizes your home’s exterior and creates a fresh look. This is a cost-effective way to modernize the exterior.

3. Power Wash the Exterior

Winter can take a toll on your home’s exterior. For many homes, power washing it creates a brighter, fresher look.

4. Clean Up Your Garden

After the winter your flower bed needs some TLC. After pulling weeds, place a weed control fabric across the surface before planting any new flowers or bushes. Then, cover the weed control fabric with a good amount of fresh mulch.

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