One of the most neglected places in a home is quickly discovered during a home inspection. When was the last time you checked or cleaned your dryer vent?

In many cases a home inspector will discover a build up of lint behind the dryer which indicates this area has most likely been ignored buy the homeowner for some time. By accessing the area where the vent system for the dryer is, will indicate even more such as proper set up or clogged lines. Both can lead to potential fires.

Overtime lint will build up inside your venting system and will cause your dryer to be less efficient, increasing energy costs and wear and tear on your dryer appliance. By neglecting a clogged vent you are putting your life and anyone who lives with you in jeopardy. Clogged drains can lead to house fires and provide the proper conditions for mold to grow.

Put a date in your calendar on your phone and set it to remind you every 3 months to check your dryer vent. Here are some tips to keep your dryer running at peak performance:

  • Duct material should be metal. Metal flex ducting should be used sparingly as it tends to trap lint and moisture. Smooth wall galvanized or aluminum is recommended.
  • No penetrations, like screws, should exist at the interior of the vent ducting.
  • From dryer to exterior vent should not be greater than 25 feet; less distance if turns or right angles are involved. Every 90 degree turn will shorten your allowable distance by 5 feet.
  • Duct vents should exit to the exterior with secure and covered vent cap.
  • Make sure your dryer vents are covered properly or  you are inviting birds to create nests inside your home.
  • No visible lint buildup at any connection from dryer to exterior.
  • Duct vents should never be terminated in the attic or crawlspace.
  • Never combine dryer venting with any other venting source.
  • Lastly, always clean the dryer filter before each load to be dried.
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