I know we thought it would never happen, but fall is upon us! With the arrival of the cooler temps, our mind tends to drift to having a fire and getting comfortable under some blankets.  Take a minute to contact your favorite local chimney sweep and schedule your annual chimney inspection before it’s too late.  You don’t want to wait until it’s snowing to make the call because at that point you could be waiting months!

Another reason you don’t want to wait is because fall is an ideal time to have your chimney inspection performed. If your chimney needs repairs, there is time some time to allow for them. 

Are you up to date on your chimney cleanings?

What’s that smell? Not having your chimney cleaned causes the creosote build up to have a very foul odor. This build up is enhanced with humidity so if you live on the Connecticut Shoreline and have a chimney you know we are talking about… hopefully. If you call a local chimney company chances are they can inspect your chimney and clean it of any buildup.

The main cause of chimney failure is animal infestation and lack of rain cap.  Tree debris falling in the chimney with no rain cap can block the chimney and water repeatedly freezing and thawing in the chimney can cause a lot of damage, similar to ice dams. Make sure you are only burning seasoned wood in your chimney as wet wood will cause moisture. 

As part of your home inspection, we will inspect the easily accessible and visible parts of the chimney.  If we see anything that concerns us we will recommend a qualified chimney inspector take a closer look. Unfortunately, home inspectors are not chimney inspectors!

So enjoy the fall but prepare for the cold weather now!

Anchor Home Inspection is always available by phone to answer questions regarding your chimney or home inspection. If you would like to consult with a professional about a home inspection, call Anchor Home Inspection now to schedule a home inspection today.

Anchor Home Inspections is a quality Home Inspector to Connecticut. Contact us to schedule a home inspection or any of our other home inspection services.

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