If you leave mold to grow, it can damage the structure of your home and expose you and your family to health risks such as asthma and in some cases can be deadly. Mold growth is a growing concern all over the country but is even a greater risk in the shorelines of Connecticut because of the moisture in the air. One of the questions most asked by homeowners is whether or not it is necessary to have a mold inspection performed. If you experience the following symptoms around the house, it is best to call a mold inspector and have your house checked for mold growth.

What are the Allergic Symptoms Caused by Mold?

If you’ve observed that you’ve been having allergies lately, chances are pretty good that there’s mold growing in your house. Some of the most common allergic reactions caused by mold are sore eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion.

Observe if the allergic symptoms worsen when you’re inside the house and if you feel better when you’re outside the house. That’s an indication that mold is present inside your home. However, if you feel worse because of the allergic reactions in another place like the gym or grocery store, then maybe that location has a mold problem.

Don’t Ignore the Musty Smell

If there’s a musty smell around the house and not visible it’s possible it’s growing somewhere inside the walls. Don’t ignore the moldy smell if you start observing that your house has it. Immediately call a mold inspector to check your house before the mold issues get worse.

Looking for Mold Growth Indicators

Obviously, the most obvious of all signs that your house has a mold problem is if you see it growing in places like your bathroom or walls or ceiling. However, the difficult part about spotting mold is that it just looks like dirt or soot. That’s why some homeowners just ignore the mold growth happening in the house.

Once you start seeing mold growth even in small amounts, immediately take action and call a mold inspection company. Those tiny mold patches can grow and spread fast. It also shows that your home has the right conditions for mold to thrive in, which is bad for you and the building.

Ignoring these signs of mold will be a bigger problem if left untreated. It’s not enough to remove surface mold growth. Sometimes it’s just an indicator that there’s a bigger mold colony that’s thriving somewhere where you can’t see.

You may not know that what you’re already seeing around your house is mold. It can look thread-like, look like dust or some are clusters of spots. The colors can vary drastically. Some may be white, black, gray-green, or gray-brown.

Do You Have Water Problems?

If your house has problems with moisture, it’s unavoidable that you have a potential for mold growth. Watch out for signs of excessive moisture such as discoloration or water stains on your tile, walls, ceilings, or floors. These are the areas to check if there’s already mold growing behind or within the material. Also look for any surface problems such as paint or wallpaper cracking, peeling, or bubbling. Try to feel if the walls and the materials feel damp as well. If they are, they’re the perfect places for the mold to thrive in.

Watch Out for Leaks

The signs discussed above are usually caused by leaks. You should have your ceiling or pipes checked regularly for any leaks. Even if you don’t see any water damage yet, if there are leaks happening, it’s a sign that there could be mold growing around the house, especially where it’s leaking.

Beware of the Toxic Symptoms You Can Get from Mold

When left untreated, the mold growth in your home can cause a lot of serious health issues. Keep an eye on your family members and yourself  and if you notice dizziness, memory loss, shortened attention span, trouble concentrating, and headaches. These are neurological symptoms and are serious signs that there’s toxic mold growth somewhere in your house. This should not be ignored because it can be fatal.

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