Protect your loved ones and home by being prepared in case there is a fire. Practice fire safety at home with these tips.

Form a Plan for Fire Safety in the Home

Having a clear plan with steps for getting yourself and loved ones to safety prevents chaos. Practice your fire safety plan with your family and keep a written copy available.

Fire Safety Begins with Smoke Alarms

Some smoke detectors are hardwired and some are battery powered, however they both need to be tested regularly. Install high-quality smoke detectors in your home so you’ll be warned of a fire early.

Don’t Overload Electrical Outlets

Make sure you aren’t overloading your outlets. Try not to use multi-outlet power strips. Make sure your cords and outlets remain in good shape. Worn out cords near carpet are not a good combination.

Look for Fire Hazards

Candle flames, cooking appliances, and fireplaces are all fire hazards.

Plan for Child and Pet Safety

Look out for pets and small children in high-risk areas like the kitchen and near the fireplace. Educate your children that matches and lighters are not toys.

Practicing Fire Safety in the Home

Install smoke alarms, avoid overloading your home’s outlets, and do everything you can to prevent fires from starting. In case of emergency, have a fire safety plan written and rehearsed with your loved ones and call 911. When it comes to fire safety, preparedness and prevention are key.

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