Like a car, your home, needs regular maintenance to make sure everything is functioning properly and running in tip top shape. Maintenance will prolong the life your systems the home and save you money in the long run.

The long Connecticut summers can be really tough on your home with the summer heat barreling down on it. There are several easy ways to get your home prepared for the heat ahead. Give your home the attention it needs with these tips:

  1. AC Condenser Unit Fins – Your HVAC unit may be comprised of one or several units depending on the size of the home. To keep air moving freely we recommend a consistent cleaning of your condenser fins. Washing them down with the house once a month can make a big impact. Just make sure the unit is not running while spraying. An HVAC professional can also fix the coil fins if need be.
  2. Window Treatments – Don’t want to spend money on new windows? No worries! A less expensive approach could be to add window treatments, blinds, or solar screens.
  3. Door for Efficiency– Make sure that your doors are properly insulated and sealed tight. If you see any light shining through the edges from inside be sure to add some weatherstripping to eliminate airflow. Try this in the summer as well with air conditioning.
  4. HVAC Refrigerant Line – Your HVAC has a line that comes into the house from the outside. These lines need to be properly insulated for the entire length of the home to ensure proper functioning.
  5. AC System – Every HVAC system has a line set up for condensation to exit usually called the condensation pipe. Once in a great while this pipe can become jammed or back up. In the winter it can even freeze. Make sure to consistently check the pipe to avoid a backup of your system.
  6. Attic Insulation & Ventilation – Adding more attic insulation and ventilation are also important for the overall efficiency of the home. This will allow your home to have naturally conditioned space. In the winter the attic will be warmer and in the summer the attic will be cooler. Having a spray foam insulation contractor install spray foam is one of the best investments you can make because of the efficiency of the spray home in sealing your home and lowering your heating bills.
  7. Energy Audit – Arrange for an energy audit performed by Connecticut Retrofitfor ideas on how to improve the overall efficiency of your home.

The majority of problems found are typically caused by compromised systems that have not been properly maintained by the homeowner. Routine maintenance on your home systems can keep it functioning longer and protect your investment.


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