What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that rises up from soil. Since radon is radioactive it can be hazardous to people. Radon is a potential hazard in the home because tightly sealed walls and windows can trap the gas inside and allow them to build up. When radon gas is inhaled it can be harmful to lung tissue, and create adverse side effects to overall health in individuals who have been exposed. The EPA cites that radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Should I do a radon test? How is Radon testing done?

The EPA recommends that if you’re buying or selling a home, then you should have it tested for radon. There is a variety of testing methods. One method is using CRM (continuous radon monitor) technology that is electronic and highly accurate. These monitors are calibrated once a year, every year, in order to ensure consistent performance and reliable test results.

The pros to performing a radon test

Having a radon test performed will help you gain peace of mind. The radon results could also help with negotiation strategies. Radon mitigation can be costly, whereas a simple, cost-efficient test can illuminate the next steps.

Who is able to do a radon test?

Lucky for you Anchor Home Inspection, LLC offers Radon Testing in CT & RI.

Is radon more prevalent in certain areas?

Yes- it can be, but that is subject to change. There are many variables and factors that influence radon levels in your home and they not reliable enough to predict radon hazards using only a map.

Can I skip testing if my home already has a mitigation system?

The only way to know if a mitigation system is working properly is to test for radon while the system is running.

When to retest?

Any time close by soils is dug up and shifted, or the drywall is changed and resealed, it can has an affect on the radon levels in your home. So re-testing can be helpful when the surrounding area has had a significant soil disturbance, or if a large remodeling project has been done to the home.

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