When you have unexpected home maintenance this can become not only costly, but also stressful. Of all the issues that might arise, fixing a sewer line is something most homeowners do not want to deal with. Regular maintenance can help stop or prevent future problems from, but sometimes breakdown and

repair issues can still happen. It is inevitable.

When you are deciding on which inspection services when it comes to your current or future home, it would be wise to add a sewer line inspection. This is a wise idea because sewer lines lie underground, therefore they cannot be inspected fully during a visual inspection of the homes interior and exterior.

So what exactly is a sewer line inspection?

What & How

As it is probably obvious to state but during a sewer line inspection the condition of the sewer line is inspected.

A skilled technician will use a specialized camera to check out the portion of the sewer line from your house to the street sewer main. Sewer scopes, or sewer line cameras, are a highly advanced water-proof camera that has on-board lighting, recorded video capability and a unique design that allows them to inspect 160 ft of plumbing or more. This camera is fed through an access point at the home and then searches the condition of the line as it moves  towards the street main.


When having your sewer line inspected you do not want to find cracks and clogs. Your sewer line can become cracked or clogged due to a lot of different factors. Here are some things that could cause your sewer line to become cracked or clogged:

  • Tree roots that have gone through the sewer line
  • When the soil/ground shifts this can cause breaks or misalignment within the sewer line
  • Aging terracotta, cast iron, Transite or Orangeburg piping can deteriorate and create fissures within the pipe

When your sewer lines are damaged, then you must have them repaired. The range of having your sewer line repaired can be something super quick and easy, or could be harder to fix.

Becoming informed by a sewer line inspection can offer a great assistance when inspecting your current or future home.

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