Have Termites: What Do you Do Now?

You or a home inspector has seen these termites with your own eyes eating the wood in your home. Now what?

Take a deep breath and read more about how to react to these pesky creatures when you find them.

Damage Done

Find out how much damage has actually been done. Termites are a huge pain in the rear end for property owners. You need to get a good idea of how much, if any, damage has been done to the structure to figure out how you should proceed.

Just because you found terminates doesn’t mean that everything needs to be replaced. If the would has deteriorated to a very bad condition then you would need to replace it. Find a local home improvement company or home improvement contractor that you trust to be honest with you about what home improvements you need done.


Have you treated for termites? If the seller can show you  an invoice from the pest company then at least you know the situation was addressed. However, you could always get a second option from a pest control company. Most extermination companies have a monthly or quarterly scheduled service where treatments are performed accordingly. 


Once you’ve gathered all of the facts it’s time to make your move. Communicate with your real estate agent and all the parties involved. Having all the facts and a good strategy can help you move this process along more smoothly! 

Anchor Home Inspection is always available by phone to answer questions regarding termites. If you would like to consult with a professional about the termite damage to your home, call Anchor Home Inspection now to schedule a home inspection today.

Anchor Home Inspections is a quality Home Inspector to Connecticut. Contact us to schedule a home inspection or any of our other home inspection services.

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