You are probably familiar with a home inspection but what about a reinspection? Well a reinspection is like an inspection but for the “fixed items” that came from the initial home inspection report. A reinspection and final walkthrough are completely necessary to ensure the home condition is the same as or better than the condition when you originally viewed the home. Having a final walkthrough is typically happens the day before closing and with your agent.

So in this blog, we are going focus on reinspections by going over some tips, and letting your know why/when you need one to have one done.

Tips to the Reinspection:

As soon as you receive the initial home inspection report is complete, you need to go over any items that concern you with your Real Estate Agent. If there are any items on the report you want fixed then you may ask the seller to fix them.

Asking the seller to fix items on the home inspection report is not just helpful but sometimes necessary before you close on the home. However this can sometimes introduce new complications within the home that you should be aware about.

If you think you can fix the problems yourself and decide to make the fixes once you have moved in, then that is an acceptable option as well.

When Should You Request a Reinspection

The answer is simple- whenever repairs are requested from the initial inspection. If you have requested any repairs, based off of the first inspection report, then you will need to request a reinspection. Now if it is a small repair that you feel comfortable inspection yourself then you don’t necessarily need a reinspection.

Here is a cheat sheet if you’re unsure: if it pertains to the roof, electrical, plumbing, or A/C, then you will want to call a professional to ensure the repair is done properly.

You might also request a reinspection simply for peace of mind. Although we want to believe everyone is trust worthy during a real estate transaction, sometimes, you need to double check the work of contractors and sellers.

New complications:


Any reinspection items should be submitted to the seller as soon as possible! The faster these requests are given to the seller, then the faster they can have these repairs fixed. The last thing you want is a further delay in your contract, as this tends to make everyone even more stressed. So it is very important to act fast!

A quality repair:

Next, once the seller received has the items needed for repair, your Real Estate Agent, can help you be very clear as to what needs to be completed, by who, and when. Ensuring that the items will be fixed as soon as possible, by a licensed and reputable contractor will help get the work done correctly the first time.

The Reinspection:

Once you have submitted the documents to the seller to fix the items, then you will need to make you inspector at Anchor Home aware. This is so we can put your reinspection tentatively on our schedule. Nothing would be worse than one of our Anchor Home inspector’s not being unable to perform the inspection because we were notified too late.


After your reinspection has been completed, you will want to consult with your Anchor Home Inspector to ensure that all work is completed properly. You will also want to ask the seller for all the documents on permitting, contractor information, and invoices.

Pro Tip: It happens often that items are not fixed properly by the time the inspector arrives and another reinspection has to happen. Keep this in mind with your contract dates.

A Quick Note on Insurance:

More likely than not, you will need a reinspection for insurance purposes.

Call Anchor Home Inspection

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