1. The Walk-Through: Pick a home inspector that wants you to be present at the inspection.  Inspector wants you to come to the home inspection so we can walk you through the home and go over what we’ve found, educate you about the home and its systems, and leave time for you to ask questions to better understand any problems that may be present.
  2. Online Reviews: Reading online reviews from Google allows you to see honest feedback that the home inspector has received from their customers. Check out Anchor Home Inspections reviews by clicking here.
  3. Experience and Certifications: Ask questions about your inspectors experience and certifications. Questions like “How long have they been in business? Have they taken specialized courses?This allows you to better understand the home inspector to make sure they are qualified.
  4. National Certification: Ask if the inspector is a member of InterNACHI. National organizations like think require testing and certifications to become a member. They also require continuing education to renew their certification. Check out Anchor Home Inspections certifications here by clicking here. 
  5. The Inspection Report: Ask for a sample report from your potential home inspector. This will let you know how thorough they are and their attention to detail. Does it clearly identify safety items and items need to be replaced or repaired?  Also, make sure photos of these items are included for easy identification.

Anchor Home Inspections is committed to providing outstanding home inspection services to residential homeowners in Eastern Connecticut. It is our goal to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality and service while paying close attention to each customers’ individual needs.

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