As the nights have suddenly become cold, people are getting there winter stuff out from the attic and getting cozy by the fireplace. However, have you thought about how to prepare your home for winter? Your home needs some maintenance when the cold air comes. We thought it would be helpful to create and winter checklist for homeowners to ensure your home is prepared for the cold.

1. Check Your Pipes

Freezing temperatures can cause severe damage to your plumbing or sprinkler system as the water could freeze inside the pipes causing them to expand and burst. Be sure to drain your outdoor faucets, garden hoses, and sprinkler pipes when getting your home ready for winter weather.

Be sure to inform your family on where the water shutoffs are so that in case there is an emergency they know the proper procedures.

2.Fire Place Inspection 

Be sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney specialist before the cold air sets in to prevent a fire in your chimney when preparing for the winter season. It’s also wise to have your HVAC specialist check your heating systems on a regular basis.

3. Winterizing Your Home Tools and Machines

Be sure to drain any water out of tools or hoses in your garage, such as pressure washers or garden hoses. Clean your gutters by removing any debris so melting snow can clear easily and plant debris won’t freeze to your gutters. Also check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, especially if using a fireplace.

4. Preventing Cold Winter Air From Getting In Your Home

Replace worn doorstops and use caulking or weather-stripping to insulate any pipes or ducts that travel through an exterior wall. Blocking and sealing all potential airways for a cold winter draft will help keep your home warm and your heating savings high.

5. Consider A Professional To Help You Prepare

A sure way to know your home is ready for the cold weather is to hire a professional They can check, fix, replace, and prepare all components of your home for a stress-free winter.

Anchor Home Inspection is always available by phone to answer questions regarding preparing you home for winter. If you would like to consult with a professional about a home inspection, call Anchor Home Inspection now to schedule a home inspection today.

Anchor Home Inspections is a quality Home Inspector to Connecticut. Contact us to schedule a home inspection or any of our other home inspection services.

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